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Category: Freedom


Is Protecting Privacy an Act of Faith?

From the life of Christ, we can learn the role of privacy in maintaining our autonomy and dignity and how it relates to our spiritual and moral values.


Overturning Roe v. Wade Did Not Impose Religion on America

The Supreme Court’s decision did not establish religion or violate the religious freedom rights of pro-choice Americans. Instead, it created space in the public square for the pro-life convictions of people of faith.


It’s Okay to Turn It Off

As valuable as it can be to stay updated on world affairs, the intimate and incessant witnessing of human heartache in the digital age can be overwhelming and distract from other important things. Don’t be afraid to set some boundaries.


The Christian Obligation to Support Ukraine

Amidst lots of talk justifying inaction or neutrality in regards to Ukraine, Christians have a much harder time defending such a conclusion if they take their own scriptures seriously.


Loving Neighbors by Standing Up to Their Slaughter

If we are advancing God’s desired peace and love for our Ukrainian brothers and sisters, let’s not overlook the clear scriptural justification for strong intervention as an expression of that same love and desire for peace


The Supreme Court’s Textualist Temptation

The Supreme Court’s much-anticipated decision in Bostock v Clayton County may in fact tell us more about how courts decide what law is than what

supreme court

That Big Religious Freedom Case Is Not What You Think

The “biggest religious freedom case” of the Supreme Court’s current term may have more to do with the complicated relationship between courts, regulatory agencies, and state legislators than religion.


The Beginning and End of Slavery in America

The history of America is inextricable from the history of slavery. Following the 400th anniversary of its ending last year and today’s celebration, some thoughts in reflection.

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