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Category: Political Atmosphere

Historical painting symbolizing America's past struggles with political violence.
Political Atmosphere

Moving toward Zion in an Age of Chaos

How can society address political violence? By seeking common ground, supporting fair policies, and building community bonds, society can foster peace.

Political Atmosphere

We Can’t Even Agree on Vladimir Putin?

If we can’t even agree about the threatened invasion of a democratic, sovereign nation playing out before us, what does that say about our own condition as an American people?

Political Atmosphere

Dehumanizing QAnon Supporters

Dehumanization is wrong. Of course, we all know that … UNLESS we’re talking about Those People who believe truly awful things, right?

Political Atmosphere

Has Half the Country Gone Mad?

It’s increasingly common to hear people argue, with utter sincerity, that half of Americans have gone bonkers. Is that really true? Or is this a paradigm shift in the making?

Political Atmosphere

When Does the Poison of Our National Suspicion Become Lethal? 

Early this morning, President Trump stood before the American people on the verge of another astounding upset and accused his opponents of fraud. When will the mounting levels of mutual suspicion and accusation take us past our breaking point as a country?

Political Atmosphere

Dear America, We Can Still Do This!

Domestic peacekeepers are speaking out with everything they’ve got—reminding this country about its historic capacity to hold and work through serious disagreements productively. It’s time to listen before it’s too late.

Political Atmosphere

Monsters Among Us

This Halloween, the trend of American monsterizing is on full-display. Let’s recognize the fantasy in it so we can leave it behind, and avoid the danger it involves for all of us.

Political Atmosphere

Pastors on Politics: A Sermon for America

Words of timely wisdom from two of America’s many inspired pastors—including encouragement, warnings, and urgent witness to a nation in peril.

Political Atmosphere

Must Everything Be Political?

When the places we used to find fellowship and connection as a community start to “take a stand” on political issues, where do we go to find that unity again?

Political Atmosphere

Understanding the Latter-day Saint Experience in American Politics

Interview with the authors of the new book Contingent Citizens: Shifting Perceptions of Latter-day Saints in American Political Culture. Looking at how Latter-day Saints have been engaged and excluded from politics in the United States since the Church’s inception.

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