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Tag: Book of Mormon

Historical painting symbolizing America's past struggles with political violence.
Political Atmosphere

Moving toward Zion in an Age of Chaos

How can society address political violence? By seeking common ground, supporting fair policies, and building community bonds, society can foster peace.

Gospel Fare

A Deeper Look Into the Power of Latter-day Saint Temples

Why do others see Latter-day Saints as so good? Delve into the power of the law of the gospel and how this covenant shapes the lives of Church members and helps them become more like Jesus Christ.


Are You a Missionary or a Culture Warrior?

Culture warriors promote combatively, while missionaries promote charitably to help others. Avoid being a culture warrior by prioritizing caring for others.

Racial Healing

BYU, Racism, and the Road to Social Ruin

What can a sacred text teach us about the central social strife of our times? Some reflections on BYU, race, and the need for improved intercultural literacy.

Gospel Fare

How the Restoration Can Inform Biblical Scholarship

An encounter with Isaiah can sometimes challenge faith rather than expand it. Bible scholars can sometimes add to the confusion. Dan Ellsworth’s new resource helps people navigate several difficult issues to ensure the text blesses and strengthens us.

Election Aftermath

Kingmen on January 6th

The Committee Hearings on January 6th have been ignored as a political ploy by many Americans, including people of faith. That’s a mistake.


Turning the Other Cheek Still Hurts

Just because the Saints don’t riot when people promote deformed and dark narratives about us, doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.

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