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Tag: Boy Scouts of America

'The Good Shepherd' shows Christ protecting a lamb, symbolizing the need to reduce abuse in churches for safeguarding the innocent.
Sexual Abuse

I Know How to Lower Church Abuse Rates by 75%

What causes lower abuse rates among Latter-day Saints? Geographic organization, focus on family, and female involvement create a safer environment.

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America, Land of Promise and Destiny

To speak of America as exceptional is not to vaunt ourselves as better than other nations or peoples. Rather, it’s to celebrate and give rightful gratitude to founding principles that are inspired in their protection of sacred freedom.


The America I Once Knew

It’s not just a cliche. America really used to be great. At least many of us felt so—growing up loving it in so many ways. Why has that changed? And what must we do to awaken again this gratitude in our young people today?

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