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Narcissus admires himself in a church window, representing spirituality and narcissism in contemporary society
Gospel Fare

How Narcissism is Fueling a Modern Gnostic Movement

Contemporary culture is fostering narcissism which is increasingly finding expression in new gnosticism, resulting in a self-perpetuating cycle that can lead to pathological outcomes.

A woman helps with laundry showing service in balance with self-care and religion.
American Families of Faith

When Loving Yourself Meets Loving Your Neighbor

How do individuals balance self-care with acts of sacrifice, especially when their actions are influenced by their faith? Interviews reveal four key factors.

A dramatic seascape with a vulnerable chapel facing nature's fury, depicting the themes of the seeker-sensitive church in a tumultuous world.
Climate & End Times

Christianity Lite: The Seeker-Sensitive Church

Is seeker sensitivity in churches a solution or a trap? There is a paradox that increasingly inclusive doctrines lead to both orthodox and progressive departures. There is an honest Latter-day Saint approach.

Social Justice

How Reimagining Social Justice Could Ease the Culture War

Given such a strong divergence in views over social justice, how could we not fall into the larger culture wars? Because God expects something better from us. A parting aspiration for a peacemaking pathway forward.

Gospel Fare

Why Jesus?

Do we really need to be saved? That’s a question we’re hearing from more and more people. And it’s an important one to take seriously as we enter a brand new year.

Gospel Fare

Living as the Angels Do

Even with so much suffering around us, I rejoice to have witnessed much suffering tangibly relieved by real-life, creative ministries to the poor. What more is still possible?

Gospel Fare

Disciples, Activists & the Drama Triangle

Ahmad Corbitt’s October 2022 talk to military chaplains challenged not just secular-minded activists, but also a common set of stories sometimes held by believing and sustaining church members.


Are You Woke or Awake?

How a Judeo-Christian concept went awry and became another way to divide America.


Has Politics Become Your New Religion?

Is the kingdom you seek in this world or the next? Here’s a little self-assessment to tell if it’s time to look in the mirror.


Prophets Can’t Win

People tend to seek information that affirms what they already think. But prophets are called to a very different task. And whether prophetic teaching is subtle or direct, the public reception is often sadly predictable.

Gospel Fare

Exploring Conservative and Liberal Religion

Part one of a series exploring differences in conservative and liberal approaches to faith—considering especially the implications for Latter-day Saints.


The Everlasting Noel

Emanating from that singular manger scene of Bethlehem is a message and witness and love that touches all times, all places, and all peoples.

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