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Gospel Fare

Is Our Heavenly Mother Conversation Drawing People To Christ?

Anytime we draw extra attention to any particular truth in the gospel panorama, there is a natural risk of decentering or even unmooring our focus on Christ. Raising a few final questions about Bethany & McArthur’s article earlier this week.


How to Speak the ‘Whole Language’ of Jesus

Can followers of Christ speak the “whole language” without considering the entirety of the very language of Jesus that makes us whole? A review of Fr. Gregory Boyle’s book, The Whole Language: The Power of Extravagant Tenderness.

Climate & End Times

Tales of the Texas Blackout

Messages of light emerging from darkness are so common as to be almost cliché. Until you experience it yourself. Like I did in an unusually cold, isolated Texas in February.


Saving Meghan’s Fairytale

All across the globe, people have different theories of what went wrong with the Meghan and Harry fairytale. Most explanations, however, offer little hope of any redemption from the mess. There is one notable exception.


Weaponizing Tolerance

Although tolerance is believed to be a way to avoid contention, if applied incorrectly, it can be used more as a weapon than a notion of compassion.

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