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Tag: Compromise

Election Aftermath

It’s Time To Move On

Our political bubbles prime us to see the other side as hypocrites. That doesn’t make it true.

Family Matters

Abortion, the Courts, and Compromise

When we stop depending on legislatures as the place Americans can hash out their disagreements, it should perhaps not surprise us when court mandates don’t effectively fill the gap.

Media & Education

Stop Deleting Your Facebook

More and more of our friends and family are opting out of social media entirely. Honest question: What would Jesus do?

Political Atmosphere

Dear America, We Can Still Do This!

Domestic peacekeepers are speaking out with everything they’ve got—reminding this country about its historic capacity to hold and work through serious disagreements productively. It’s time to listen before it’s too late.


The Threat of Persuasion

What if deeper conversation threatens my very sense of self? In most cases it is infinitely worthwhile to engage in such “rival contestation.”

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