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Tag: COVID-19

American Families of Faith

How Many Religious Families Thrived During COVID

Many religious families thrived during the pandemic because of a built-in community and connection, combined with a sense of purpose, comfort, and hope.

American Families of Faith

The Secret Power of Sharing Meals Together

Engaging in regular family dinners protected against the harmful effects of the pandemic by increasing emotional closeness and providing dependability.

American Families of Faith

Did COVID Strengthen Family Communication?

COVID had a mixed impact on family communication. Excessive time together was hard, but families benefited more from a greater sense of family connection.


In Awe of Creation

When was the last time you felt awe for what you see, feel, and experience around you? As easy as it is to fixate on the negatives around us, don’t miss out on the sweetness of relishing the jaw-dropping goodness and beauty all around us too.


Is Vaccine Dialogue Even Possible?

Honest conversation about vaccination might be more challenging than any other issue. Why? And is it even worth trying?

Climate & End Times

The Mark of the Beast is More Than a Punchline

If journalists had greater religious literacy, they could have predicted and addressed religious concerns that vaccine passports resembled the mark of the beast rather than resorting to ridicule.


Mourning Together as Morning Dawns

Much sorrow is being felt in the wake of this pandemic, by so many. How can we better “mourn with those that mourn,” while also working through our own grief in healing ways?

Media & Education

A Short History of Social Media Bans

Conservatives are feeling singled out and targeted on social media. But the history of bans across major platforms confirms a more complicated picture.

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