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Election Aftermath

The January 6 Hearings Are Not Just a Political Stunt

A hallmark of polarized America is an eagerness to hear anything confirming our biases and total rejection of those things that don’t. If that’s what you’re doing with the January 6th hearings, you’re missing something important.

Election Aftermath

What Else Happened January 6th

Many Americans continue to be shocked by alarming portrayals of January 6th. But certain possibilities and realities about the day are simply not being heard.

Election Aftermath

Kingmen on January 6th

The Committee Hearings on January 6th have been ignored as a political ploy by many Americans, including people of faith. That’s a mistake.

Political Atmosphere

Dehumanizing QAnon Supporters

Dehumanization is wrong. Of course, we all know that … UNLESS we’re talking about Those People who believe truly awful things, right?

Media & Education

Our Opus for Unity on Earth Day

In an increasingly divided world there is one thing that we can consistently unite around: our love for our planet.


Expanding the Supreme Court is Authoritarian

Changing the composition of the courts is straight from the authoritarian handbook, and the justification comes from a misunderstanding of history.

Election Aftermath

It’s Time To Move On

Our political bubbles prime us to see the other side as hypocrites. That doesn’t make it true.

Election Aftermath

Disagreement is Not Disunion

The inauguration of our new president is almost a week old. There’s one especially striking moment from his speech that can’t and shouldn’t yet slip from our memories.

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