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Tag: Early Church History

Family Matters

Emma Smith: A Case Study for Women in Worship

D&C 25 is the perfect case study for how Christ interacts and engages with women. In part 2, Carter Charles examines the role of women in worship.

Family Matters

How Christ Includes and Empowers Women

The 25th Section of a sacred text for Latter-day Saints called the Doctrine and Covenants is a perfect case study for how Christ interacts and engages with women. In part 1, Carter Charles examines matrimony and election.

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Church & State

The Fraud Mark Hofmann Still Perpetuates

“Murder Among the Mormons” highlights how Mark Hofmann perpetuated a narrative about transparency in The Church of Jesus Christ. Though Hofmann was stopped, that problematic narrative lingers.


Latter-day Saints and the problem of “performative objectivity”

McKay Coppins’ recent Atlantic feature on the church noted a tension among Latter-day Saints trying to authentically live their faith while fitting into a culture that rejects them. Should we expect Latter-day Saint historians to be able to avoid that same challenge?


Why Aren’t We There Yet as a Society? A Latter-day Saint Case for Hope

In response to those sensitive souls asking, “Why am I not there yet as a person?” or “Why are we not there yet as a society?” Latter-day Saint theology offers a patient optimism for steady growth in us and around us—along with the anticipation of collective light to become “brighter and brighter until the perfect day.”

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