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Gospel Fare

Scary Stories to Tell About the Saints

On this Halloween, let’s relish for a moment a modern-day classic. A real barnburner. Maybe you’ve heard it going around?

Caspar David Friedrich Painting of Wanderer above the Sea of Fog | Expressive Individualism and the Restored Gospel | Public Square Magazine | Expressive Individualism
Gospel Fare

Expressive Individualism and the Restored Gospel

The story we tell about the world as a whole (“worldview”) influences everything—including basic notions like truth, identity, belonging, and love. That’s true whether or not we’re aware of it, so let’s pay closer attention.

Gospel Fare

Why Modesty Still Matters

No, women aren’t responsible for men’s thoughts. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to lay aside all morality standards.


Is Life Ruthlessly Determined or Full of Possibility?

When social scientists overstate the role of surrounding causes and conditions, they fundamentally misrepresent the nature of human experience—while undermining fundamental moral agency, accountability, and possibility itself.

Climate & End Times

Don’t You Dare Say “Woman”

As we are encouraged towards language like “pregnant person,” “birthing person,” and “menstruators” in the name of greater inclusivity, you have to wonder whether those identifying primarily as “woman” or “mother” are feeling included too?

Gospel Fare

Teach It Freely Unto Your Children

Children deserve to learn true doctrine enthusiastically and often, both at home and at church. We fail them if we’re ashamed or hesitant.


The Case for Spiritual Imagination

When authoritative answers aren’t readily available, do we have the capacity to imagine possibilities and beautiful storylines beyond mere logic and reason?

Gospel Fare

My General Conference Odyssey

Words of prophetic counsel are a constant presence and fixture in most Latter-day Saint lives. But it wasn’t until I started studying them intently that something changed inside me.

Gospel Fare

Towards a Latter-day Saint Perspective in Psychology

Most students of psychology embrace the prevailing assumptions of the field as a starting point towards examining other things in their lives, such as faith. What if we did the opposite?


Counting the Cost of Zion

Our discussion of Brad Wilcox’s firesides has been a hard and valuable one, and Dan Ellsworth closes with this plea for more forthrightness about the uncomfortable challenges Zion requires of us all.

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