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An Open Letter to the New York Times

Latter-Day Saint women challenge the narrative of oppression, countering the view that they lack power within the Church of Jesus Christ.


In Awe of Creation

When was the last time you felt awe for what you see, feel, and experience around you? As easy as it is to fixate on the negatives around us, don’t miss out on the sweetness of relishing the jaw-dropping goodness and beauty all around us too.


Seeking Flexible and Vital Faith? Listen to Lehi

Many are seeking ways to ensure their faith can meet this perilous cultural moment. I find in Lehi’s epic dream in the Book of Mormon some insight that can point the way for all of us.

Family Matters

Tying a Stronger Knot: Overcoming Contemporary Marital Myths

It’s surprisingly common for newly-weds (and others anticipating marriage) to hear cynical, jaded remarks about the likelihood of future marital happiness. For their sake, it’s time to set the record straight.

Thomas Jefferson on Mount Rushmore | Why I Believe America is Exceptional | Public Square Magazine | America is Exceptional | America Exceptionalism Meaning

Why I Believe America is Exceptional

“Exceptionalism” in reference to America has become, in many circles, a dirty word. This is a fresh look at why it shouldn’t be.


Why Gratitude is Absolutely the Right Choice Right Now

The benefits of gratitude is so robust there is nearly nothing you could do to encourage more widespread happiness and relieve more suffering than encouraging the daily recounting of gratitude.

Media & Education

Bites of the Best Books: September 2020

Five books that contain sentences and paragraphs and pages full of unique ideas that move our minds, touch our hearts, and fill our souls with light.


Life as an Experience in Contrast

Vivid moments of contrast can provide richness and fresh insight. That doesn’t mean they’re all meaningful or enjoyable, though.

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