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Tag: Ideology

In a modern classroom, books and a chalkboard feature question marks, symbolizing skepticism and postmodernism in education.

The Academy’s Creed of Skepticism

Higher education is in the midst of an era-sized shift, placing radical skepticism and activism at the center.


Certainty is a Counterfeit Salvation

In a world that can be frightening and unstable, certain conviction can bring a measure of tangible comfort, whether or not it’s actually true.

Illustration of Desks in School | Individual Thinking, Conformity, & Democracy in Education | Public Square Magazine | School Conformity in Education | Independence Thinking in Age of Conformity

Independent Thinking, Conformity, and Democracy in Education

It’s a good thing to aspire for truth and “correct” thinking. But when the immediate aim of education is to ensure students think in the right way, it’s far too easy to begin infringing on the democratic ideals that make true education joyful and life-changing.


Is Ideology Dividing Us — or Something Else?

Despite the appearance of a sharp competition between coherent ideologies, could it be that America is divided by group loyalties and resentments more than anything else?

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