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MLK Jr. Graphic w/ Colored Music Notes | MLK’s I Have a Dream | Public Square Magazine | Martin Luther King Speech Analysis | I Have a Dream Analysis | I Have a Dream Speech Analysis
Racial Healing

The Symphony of Protest: MLK’s I Have a Dream

How did Dr. King’s nonviolent approach shape America’s racial discourse? Through scripture and history, King’s “Dream” speech masterfully balanced moral integrity with a call for change.

Gustave Caillebotte Painting of Young Man at His Window | Iniquity or Inequity: What is Our Fundamental Problem? | Public Square Magazine | Inequity vs Iniquity
Social Justice

Iniquity or Inequity: What is Our Fundamental Problem?

Thoughtful people disagree on what exactly is the essential problem at the root of our societal woes—with some emphasizing the collective failure of certain groups and others highlighting the failings inside us all.

Racial Healing

BYU, Racism, and the Road to Social Ruin

What can a sacred text teach us about the central social strife of our times? Some reflections on BYU, race, and the need for improved intercultural literacy.

More Apostolic Warnings Against Racism

Dallin H. Oaks, the second senior-most leader of The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints spoke Tuesday at Ensign College with Clark Gilbert, the Commissioner


A Latina’s Response to ‘Honest Questions about CRT’

The message of the gospel of Christ makes some people uncomfortable and angry. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Maybe we should show a little more humble openness to what CRT can offer our understanding of the world?

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