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American Families of Faith

The Silent Revival: How Today’s Youth Anchor Their Faith

What anchors the spiritual dedication of today’s American youth? Comprehensive research unveils commitments to traditions, God, scriptures, and community leaders as the guiding lights in their spiritual journeys.

Fire Striking Calf | Why Did God Punish Ancient Israel? | Public Square Magazine | Why Did God Punish the Israelites | Why Did God Punish Israel | Why Did God Punish Jews
Gospel Fare

Why did God Punish Ancient Israel?

It wasn’t just apathy or failure to perform religious ceremonies for which ancient Israel faced God’s judgments. It was also what they failed to do for each other.

Ben Pacini on Brad Wilcox' Recent Comments
Radical Civility

Conservative and Liberal Religion Pt 1

I sit down with Dan Ellsworth and a couple other friends (Meagan Kohler and Jeff Bennion) to discuss his article on “Exploring Conservative and Liberal Religion”.


Is Ideology Dividing Us — or Something Else?

Despite the appearance of a sharp competition between coherent ideologies, could it be that America is divided by group loyalties and resentments more than anything else?

Stained Glass Window In Church | How Social Media Changed the Religious Experience | Public Square Magazine | Social Media and Religion
Media & Education

How Social Media has Changed the Religious Experience

The experience of faith has changed a lot this decade, with some significant changes arguably arising from how faith has responded to the ascendance of the social web.

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