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Tag: Restoration

Faith Matters Gathering in October

We wanted to draw your attention to a Faith Matters gathering that’s taking place October 7-8, 2022. The gathering will take place at the Salt

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The Natural Man Is an Enemy to God

A Friendly Rejoinder to Fiona and Terryl Givens’ “All Things New: Rethinking Sin, Salvation, and Everything in Between,” in Three Parts.

Gospel Fare

Fortresses Aren’t Forever

We can appreciate the safety of a fortress church without going into “bunker mentality”— and while retaining warm and open relationships with goodness wherever we find it.

Gospel Fare

Towards a Latter-day Saint Perspective in Psychology

Most students of psychology embrace the prevailing assumptions of the field as a starting point towards examining other things in their lives, such as faith. What if we did the opposite?

Media & Education

New Insights on Gospel Restoration: Thoughts on Mason & Givens’ Texts

The restitution of the gospel fullness through Joseph Smith has made waves for nearly 200 years now. Two important new texts spark a meaningful conversation about the scope and meaning of this restoration – and the nature of the God who ushered it in.

Church & State

A Response to Radical Orthodoxy Criticisms

Since the publication of “Latter-day Saint Radical Orthodoxy: A Manifesto,” a number of questions and concerns have arisen. I respond here to a few of the more prominent ones.

Church & State

Latter-day Saint Radical Orthodoxy: a Manifesto

Many young believers feel the only options they have are to be rigidly dogmatic to the point of being fundamentalist or to reject the Church’s teachings in favor of progressive political doctrines and intellectualism. This statement encourages intellectual engagement with the Church of Jesus Christ in ways that are faithful and flexible instead of either rigidly dogmatic or heretical and doubting.

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