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Tag: Television

FX to Broadcast Temple Ceremonies

Latter-day Saints are finding themselves in a bind today after a trailer was released revealing that FX will be broadcasting temple ceremonies as part of

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Climate & End Times

Zero Population Growth Isn’t the Answer, My Friend

Zero population growth was the rave in the 1960s and 1970s. I almost got caught up in it myself. As I look at my family today, I thank God I didn’t. Surprisingly, it’s still a thing today.

Media & Education

WandaVision, Relativism, and the “New Orthodoxy”

Much has been said in recent years about how we are each creating our own little bubbles of reality. Is WandaVision responding and speaking to this cultural trend?

Media & Education

Soul and pre-existence in pop culture

While the afterlife is often seen in pop culture, the premortality is seen much less. Why? And why does the subject remain so irresistible to artists?

Media & Education

For Mature Audiences Only: Relabeling Crass Media

When movies include explicit scenes of violence, sexual activity, drug and alcohol use, or rampant profanity, it’s become common to label them as “adult” or “mature.” Why?

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