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Gospel Fare

The Audacity of Temples

Can temples justify their costs? What if those who built temples knew something that outside observers didn’t?

Gospel Fare

A Deeper Look Into the Power of Latter-day Saint Temples

Why do others see Latter-day Saints as so good? Delve into the power of the law of the gospel and how this covenant shapes the lives of Church members and helps them become more like Jesus Christ.

Gospel Fare

Live Action Role Playing and Sacred Symbolic Pedagogy

Latter-day Saints aren’t the only ones reenacting transcendent stories through symbolic, experiential pedagogy. But we may be unique in relishing these stories as God’s exalting truth.

Washington D.C. Temple Video Open House

The Church released this morning a video open house of the Washington D.C. Temple. The open house has attracted many prominent politicians, journalists, and celebrities.

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