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Woman Recording Laptop Screen with her Phone | Money Shot: A Free Pass Given to an Ugly Industry | Public Square Magazine | Netflix Nudity | PornHub Documentary
Sexual Abuse

Money Shot: A Free Pass Given to an Ugly Industry

Netflix’s Money Shot: The PornHub Story delves into the world’s most popular porn site. But is it truly a balanced view, or does it ignore the voices of those most harmed by pornography?


A Better Conversation about HB 11

The problem with HB 11 was not its failure to reach compromise on the question of transgender athletic participation, but limiting its scope to a single question, where only one set of competing interests could be served in the end.


A Conversation with Rep. Kera Birkeland

Coverage of Utah HB 11, regarding transgender students in high school sports, has generated more outrage than illumination. We wanted to find out if there was more to the story.

Ben Pacini on Scary Stories About Utah
Radical Civility

Scary Stories About Utah

I sit with several of my Public Square friends to discuss their recent articles discussing accuracies, and inaccuracies, of common assumptions about Utah.


Do Utahns Struggle with Body Image More Than Others?

In parallel to the “uniquely drawn to pornography” story is the “uniquely drawn to plastic surgery” tale about Utah. Once again, the preponderance of the available evidence – especially when carefully reviewed – isn’t so convenient and favorable to this increasingly popular narrative.

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Mental Health

Are Utahns Uniquely Drawn to Pornography?

Some still like to claim that Utah has a uniquely high rate of porn use in the nation—purportedly related to cultural norms that “suppress” and “shame” sexual expression. This popular story only survives out of widespread ignorance over the science of pornography itself.

Political Atmosphere

Understanding the Latter-day Saint Experience in American Politics

Interview with the authors of the new book Contingent Citizens: Shifting Perceptions of Latter-day Saints in American Political Culture. Looking at how Latter-day Saints have been engaged and excluded from politics in the United States since the Church’s inception.

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