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Dramatic story of Kyrgyz Christian swept up in China’s Uyghur repression gets very little ink

Julia Duin – Get Religion

While much has been said about the religious persecution of Uyghur Muslims in China, the same crackdown has swept up another religious minority group but with much less reporting.

Is Jesus Worth Following at Any Cost

John Piper – Crossway

The chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary turns the modern conception of how Christianity can benefit the individual to focus on the deep costs of discipleship that Christ identified in this devotional piece.

Towards A Theology of Encountering the World

Ben Spackman

Latter-day Saint Biblical scholar, Ben Spackman published an understanding how Latter-day Saints understand and interact with the broader world and culture. He writes a little bit about the paper in his blog.

The Pulitzers still value opinion writing — and so do readers

Rick Edmonds – Poynter

If you read Public Square Magazine you probably appreciate editorial journalism. Media analyst, Rick Edmonds analyzes this week’s Pulitzer Prize announcement for the current state of opinion writing.