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Public Square Bulletin recommends:

How Politics Poisoned the Evangelical Church

Tim Alberta—The Atlantic

This insightful feature looks at Pastor Bill Bolin from Brighton, Michigan, following how politics have affected his church while placing it in a broader historical context.

It’s Not Progressive Christianity, It’s Accommodationist Christianity, and It Has Nothing of Christ In It

Tom Gilson—The Stream

Tom Gilson seeks to reframe the debate as not between progressive and conservative Christianity, which can coexist peacefully together, but rather between what he sees as traditional Christianity and a Christianity that seeks to undermine Christ to appeal to the largest group possible.

Why are Sexually Transmitted Infections Surging?

Kim Tingley—New York Times

Sad news out of the New York Times reinforces the importance of the Church’s counter-cultural stance on sexuality. This news sadly comes at the same time as news that marriage rates hit 50-year lows.

Approaches to Ending Race-Based Violence 

Ayaan Hirsi Ali—UnHerd

After Public Square’s staff editorial yesterday on approaches to end violence, I wanted to highlight this article by human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali who adds additional approaches by looking at how violence victimizes the black community specifically.

Meet the Democrat who may be America’s fiercest advocate for religious freedom

Hanna Seariac—Deseret News

Katrina Lantos Swett, a Jewish child of Holocaust survivors, human rights advocate, Democrat, and Latter-day Saint, invites everyone to make more seats at the table