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Should We Dramatize Jesus’s Life for Television?

John Piper – Desiring God

This interview posits an interesting question. I think the obvious answer is yes, but I find it significant that the Church’s Bible videos stick strictly with the existing language adding as little as possible to the accounts. What do you think?

Most Christian parents are worried about their kids’ spiritual health

Ryan Foley – Christian Post

As the debate continues to rage around elementary education on sexuality and gender, this poll provides useful context to where Christian parents are coming from.

The Antisocial Strain of Sincere Religious Beliefs Is on the Rise

Charles McCrary – The New Republic

The left-leaning New Republic with a good-faith, but nevertheless troubling approach to religious freedom that frames the free exercise of religion as harmful. But never tries to define this harm, or seek to balance competing harms. This mimics this recent Twitter thread where many of the respondents equated religious freedom with the freedom to discriminate.

An Orthodox Theory of Brainworms

Lucian Staiano-Daniels – Mere Orthodoxy

It’s long been popular to call political extremism a “form of religion,” but these analyses have usually come from Protestant perspectives. Staiano-Daniels explores the idea from an explicitly Orthodox lens.

Honoring and Renewing Dr. King’s Other, More Challenging, Dream— 55 Years Later

Peter Laarman – Religion Dispatches

On the 54th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s death, a look back at his Riverside address denouncing the Vietnam war, recognizing the value of each individual person, and decrying the “spiritual death” he saw around him.


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C.D. Cunningham is the managing editor of Public Square magazine. After graduating from BYU-Idaho, he studied religion at Harvard University Extension. He serves on the board of the Latter-day Saint Publishing and Media Association.
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