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Category: Pop Culture

“Madame Web” is a Good Film for Young Teens

Sony’s series of Spider-man adjacent films have mostly focused on anti-heroes. Since Spider-man, the hero, is by corporate necessity absent from these films they need

Pop Culture

“A Million Miles Away” Challenges Cinematic Psychology

As therapy culture rises in American cinema, “A Million Miles Away” emerges, challenging the status quo. Director Abella portrays José Hernández, emphasizing community and resilience over pop psychology.

Media & Education

Happy Star Wars Day

Looking for another excuse to appreciate America’s first epic fantasy more deeply? You’ve got it. Happy Star Wars day today!

Media & Education

Our Opus for Unity on Earth Day

In an increasingly divided world there is one thing that we can consistently unite around: our love for our planet.

Media & Education

WandaVision, Relativism, and the “New Orthodoxy”

Much has been said in recent years about how we are each creating our own little bubbles of reality. Is WandaVision responding and speaking to this cultural trend?

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