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A Plea to Librarians

In our increasingly divisive country, public libraries stand as one of the few neutral civic spaces. But pervasive ideological tilt may prove a death knell. Librarians, however, can save the library as a sanctuary for all.


From Just War to Catholic Pacifism

Over the centuries, the Catholic Church had evolved from non-violence to a “just war” doctrine. Dorothy Day responded with a new pacifist theology.


Thank Goodness for Headwinds

Rather than threats to faith, what if the headwinds facing believers are, in fact, providing an opportunity to become true disciples? A review of Terryl and Nathaniel Givens’ new book, “Into the Headwinds,”

Gospel Fare

When Therapy Subverts Change

Americans love to feel validated and explore external influences on their circumstances. Yet these therapeutic activities, when overdone, can sideline and subvert the value of personal change.


Good Questions as a Pathway to Peace

So many other things seem to be failing to break through the mounting cultural warfare. Maybe it’s time to get back to basics and rediscover the power of finding the right question?

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The Natural Man Is an Enemy to God

A Friendly Rejoinder to Fiona and Terryl Givens’ “All Things New: Rethinking Sin, Salvation, and Everything in Between,” in Three Parts.

Media & Education

Social Science Fiction and the Quest for a New Morality

Apple TV’s Foundation series and the novels it is based on raises serious questions about the interface of science and religion. There is indeed a conflict between the two, but not where we expect it.


Stretching the Heavens: A Review

A review of “Stretching the Heavens: The Life of Eugene England and the Crisis of Modern Mormonism” by Terryl Givens.

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