The Lived Reality of Latter-day Saints’ Open Canon

Fixed scripture often ossifies faith. The Church of Jesus Christ solves this by perpetual revelation through recognized prophets. Their authority as the faith's living center facilitates dialogue, communally anchoring members' belief and vitalizing the religion.


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The Future of Anti-Discrimination

Does 303 Creative v. Elenis permit discrimination? The Supreme Court's ruling navigates a complex intersection of free speech and Public…


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Discover Public Square Magazine's new podcast initiative, a sonic leap in fostering civil discourse. Dive into a world where voices matter.
What happens when we stop making new people? Learn about the impact of anti-population attitudes and the benefits of parenting for happiness and fulfillment.
Can love and compassion coexist with conflicting worldviews? The controversies surrounding Jeffrey Holland's speech at Southern Utah University and the legal battle at Franciscan Health offer a thought-provoking exploration of this important issue.


Remembering the life of M. Russell Ballard through the impact he had on several of our editors, authors, and friends.
Some religiously affiliated individuals fall into fringe beliefs by exploiting vulnerabilities we all share—pain, doubt, and desire for enlightenment.
How are the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and Latter-day Saints similar despite originating from different faith traditions? In more ways than you might think.
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Why Tone Still Matters

Are we becoming what we consume in media? Influencers and opinionators now deeply shape personal beliefs and attitudes, causing a loss of complexity, promoting cynicism, and highlighting the need for civility and peacemaking.

Bridle Your Empathy So That You Can Truly Love

Modern culture elevates empathy, but at what cost? A deep dive reveals its selective nature, its misuse in politics, and the danger of uncritical adoration. Rather, true virtue lies in charity.

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