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Tag: Distrust

The wake of a boat representing the effects of the Tim Ballard allegations

In the Wake of Scandal: Tim Ballard and the Latter-day Saints

When heroes like Tim Ballard face allegations, it shakes public trust and prompts reevaluation of beliefs. The fallibility of influencers, especially within religious communities, reveals the danger of elevating individuals over core principles.

Climate & End Times

Unraveling Trust in the North American Church

Latter-day Saints enjoy high levels of social trust in their communities thanks to shared beliefs and values. This is a blessing, but it has made us vulnerable to bad actors who misrepresent their beliefs.


Tolerating the Unprecedented

It’s more than mere disagreement we must tolerate. Tolerance means bearing the suffering of others and taking our own uncomfortable turn in history to face uncertainty and challenge.

Politics & Law

When Trust Dies

What happens when most Americans stop trusting our institutions? We’re about to find out.


The Threat of Persuasion

What if deeper conversation threatens my very sense of self? In most cases it is infinitely worthwhile to engage in such “rival contestation.”

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