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Elder Patrick Kearon called as an Apostle

Elder Patrick Kearon was born on July 18, 1961, in Carlisle, Cumberland, England. He married Jennifer Carole Hulme in January 1991 and they have four

Sexuality & Family

It’s Not Loving to Mislead People About Reality

When prophets have spoken unanimously and consistently, a “stupor of thought” is far more likely indicative of resisting truth than signaling enlightenment to see beyond it.


The Word Which Heals The Wounded Soul

We just finished another worldwide conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. What stood out to those of us who had a chance to listen? 

Gospel Fare

Challenging the Stories We Tell Ourselves

With great precision, a surgeon can miraculously repair a part of our body that is throbbing in pain. Could the same thing sometimes be needed for aching stories we carry around that simply aren’t true?

Gospel Fare

The Consistency of Prophetic Abortion Teaching

Some have accused American faith communities of rising in opposition to abortion only in recent decades—and largely as a political ploy. No one can honestly make that claim about Latter-day Saints.

Gospel Fare

Live Action Role Playing and Sacred Symbolic Pedagogy

Latter-day Saints aren’t the only ones reenacting transcendent stories through symbolic, experiential pedagogy. But we may be unique in relishing these stories as God’s exalting truth.


Encouraging Disciple-Scholars in the Social Sciences

Many believers have distanced from sacred conviction in order to be “neutral” researchers – without recognizing the alternative worldview they are embracing. There is a better way.


Holding the Tension of Truth and Love (and Where We All Get It a Little Wrong)

It’s common to see people focus almost exclusively on advocating “love” or defending “truth” in the LGBTQ+ / Latter-day Saint conversation. It’s far less common to see people holding both – a practice that involves a lot more stretching, discomfort, and potential breakthroughs for us all.

Radical Civility

Conference Review

Ben chats with a couple great friends about our favorite talks, lessons, and miracles from General Conference!


The Conference Themes That Press on Our Mind

This last weekend, we participated in our semiannual General Conference, listening to the leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Here are some themes that stood out to our staff.


The Elder Holland I Know

The Elder Holland I have known and loved for decades bears no resemblance to the cruel and unfair characterizations now being made about him. After his lifelong example of charity, he deserves a more generous response.

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