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Exceptional Podcasts for June from our Podcast Family!

The provided podcasts cover a range of topics, including LGBTQ+ issues and the church, revisiting Elder Holland’s talk, pop culture discussions, radical civility, family dynamics, and a Gospel-centered approach to gender dysphoria.


Healing Together: Love for Elder Holland

Explore how the news of Elder Holland’s health struggles inspires compassion and unity as a loving community rally together to offer unwavering support.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland Speaking in Finland | Love Misunderstood: Jeffrey Holland and the SUU Commencement | Public Square Magazine | Jeffrey Holland SUU Address

Love Misunderstood: Jeffrey Holland and the SUU Commencement

Can love and compassion coexist with conflicting worldviews? The controversies surrounding Jeffrey Holland’s speech at Southern Utah University and the legal battle at Franciscan Health offer a thought-provoking exploration of this important issue.


Truth, Justice, and the BYU Way

A retrospective on Elder Jeffrey Holland’s BYU staff talk and what the fierce response by some suggests about this distinctive school’s place in the ailing American university system.

Ben Pacini on RC Goes CWIC
Radical Civility


I chat with Greg Matsen of the Cwic show about Elder Holland’s BYU talk. We talk politics, CRT, religion and teaching policy. Fun to agree-and disagree-with him!


Elusive Reasoning Among Expansive Latter-day Saints

In Faith Matters’ podcast, “Elusive Unity at BYU,” Church teachings about sexuality and the family are characterized as in profound conflict with the “real experiences” of Latter-day Saints identifying as LGBT+. In what ways might unexamined assumptions about identity be contributing to this same divide?


Visible Identities & Invisible People

It seems at times that American discourse is so engrossed in the intersectional categories of people (e.g., “that gay BYU student”), that we hardly see the unique person underneath the label anymore.


Our Deepening Divide Over Identity

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s remarks at BYU revealed an already-existing conflict over how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its critics conceive of identity. As prophets affirm repeatedly, our true identity existed long before any of our present experiences, and is remembered, more than discovered.


A New Kind of LGBT+ Advocacy?

In the wake of Elder Holland’s BYU talk, I can’t help but wonder—what would LGBT+ Advocacy “bathed in the light of the gospel” look like?

Oxidized Bronze Swords to Ploughshares Sculpture | Beating Ploughshares Into Swords | Public Square Magazine | Beat Plowshares into Swords | Ploughshares into Swords

Beating Ploughshares Into Swords

Recent criticism of Elder Holland’s remarks show us that anyone can be made an enemy, but the tradeoff is a world where the most vulnerable are taught they have very few friends.

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