Tag: Religious Freedom

Baseball Does Religious Freedom

Two stories out over the past several days seem deserving of attention. In one, Walmart settled a religious freedom complaint that seemed likely to end up before the Supreme Court. While in the other, the Major League Baseball...

Church Vandalism

A spate of vandalism is targetting Catholic churches in the wake of the leaked opinion reversing Roe v. Wade.   https://kdvr.com/news/local/boulder-church-vandalized-for-2nd-time/   This occurs at a time when hate...

Should we Side with the Satanists?

One of the big religious freedom wins of the last generation has been for religious individuals to have access to the same resources in the public square. Including a case resolved today. Of course, this makes many people...

Ancestral Lessons in Religious Freedom

As more young people today lose an appreciation for religious freedom, it’s understandable that we point to higher principles. It might also help to direct attention back to our own family’s stories to understand why this is still so important today.


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