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Election Aftermath

It’s Time To Move On

Our political bubbles prime us to see the other side as hypocrites. That doesn’t make it true.

Election Aftermath

Disagreement is Not Disunion

The inauguration of our new president is almost a week old. There’s one especially striking moment from his speech that can’t and shouldn’t yet slip from our memories.


Competing Narratives of Danger in America

Most everyone agrees that the United States is in trouble. Like everything else, however, we don’t agree on what that danger entails.


Assuming the Worst

It’s easy for any of us to assume that people disagreeing with our own views are influenced by ill-will, dishonesty or callousness. But what if we didn’t?


Why Mitt’s Vote Invoked So Much Emotion

Divergent emotions evoked by Senator Romney’s impeachment vote reveal something more important than just partisan passions.


The Supreme Court’s Textualist Temptation

The Supreme Court’s much-anticipated decision in Bostock v Clayton County may in fact tell us more about how courts decide what law is than what

Good Reasons for Knowing Little

If an informed citizenry is crucial to a healthy democracy, the incentives against that can be remarkably rational and compelling to an average American.

A man resting his head on a table surrounded by flying creatures, symbolizing the nightmares birthed from political ignorance.

Knowing Less Than We Think

In discussing civic engagement and political participation, it’s often taken for granted that Americans have a basic knowledge of what’s going on. Do they?

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