The Most Reviled Minority in America?

The Most Reviled Minority in America?

It's understandable that many would have questions and concerns with the percentage of people declining the COVID-19 vaccine. But rather than make space for a human exchange about serious fears on both sides, incendiary rhetoric makes such conversation impossible, by insisting the only reason for dissent is selfishness or blatant ignorance.


Making Peeping Toms of Us All

Painful and terrible things happen every day in our communities and nation. And when we check out the news, we’ve all become accustomed to exploring their circumstances in often lurid detail.   Compared to the appropriate sorrow we might feel when another instance of...


How Therapists are Failing the Faithful

We therapists can be self-centered and overconfident. You know that old expression, "give a man a hammer, and everything looks like a nail?" Well, for many of us therapists, there is no problem that could not be solved if we could not just get it on the couch and...

Our Opus for Unity on Earth Day

It feels as though we live in different realities. Whether you’re liberal or conservative, white or black, queer or straight, our worldviews have never felt further apart. The last several years have done more to pull us each into our own ideological corners than any...