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Could a Latter-day Saint Break the 2 party Monopoly? + Today’s Digest

Our daily rundown of the articles from around the web that we feel our readers would enjoy and appreciate. We hope to highlight the best of what’s around.

Public Square Bulletin recommends:

Will the Utah Senate Race Break the Partisan Doom Loop?

Beau Tremitiere — The Bulwark

Latter-day Saint politician Evan McMullin is an independent running for Senate in Utah against Mike Lee. In a very unusual move, however, McMullin has been endorsed by Utah’s Democratic party. Could this cross-partisan alliance signal a new way forward?

Conflict in a Society without a Religious Consensus

Rick Plasterer — Juicy Ecumenism

This article certainly is not the first to suggest that a lack of moral consensus plays a major role in our current political tensions, but Plasterer does an enviable job of tracing the history of this fracturing consensus.

Now in the spotlight, Dubai Jews struggle for public synagogue

Isabel Debre — Associated Press

With a newly announced temple in Dubai, Latter-day Saints may find this article about the Jewish search to find worship space in the city of interest as well.

Bravo! The New York Times reports that evangelicals are divided, not united on politics

Terry Mattingly — Get Religion

The godfather of religious journalism criticism examines the silver linings in a recent article in the New York Times about the state of politics among evangelicals.

How We Fought Each Other at Michigan Law

Andrew Koppelman, Ilya Shapiro — Heterodox Academy

Two law professors at the University of Michigan coming from very different perspectives on constitutional law questions describe how meaningful they find their debates, and how to disagree with one another better.

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C.D. Cunningham

C.D. Cunningham is the managing editor of Public Square magazine. After graduating from BYU-Idaho, he studied religion at Harvard University Extension. He serves on the board of the Latter-day Saint Publishing and Media Association.
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