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Will the ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ censor religious viewpoints?

Jorge Gomez—Christian Post

While the article does lean into something of the more hysterical concerns about the Department of Homeland Security’s new board for tracking disinformation campaigns, it does address one of the big questions that government leaders must reckon with as the board settles on its role: how will this intersect with religious freedom concerns?

The Hard Left and Populist Right Agree on All the Wrong Things

Stephan Jensen—Quillette

The “culture wars” are often a topic for dread. But Stephan Jensen posits that we’ve become hoodwinked by extremes on both sides that have exaggerated concerns well beyond what is warranted to keep us in a constant state of unease. But he suggests that the sane center may be making a comeback as the war in Ukraine helps us focus on what’s truly important.

Insta-Therapy: Helping Or Hurting?

Seerut K. Chawla—Unorthodox

Chawla suggests that the overly simplified versions of mental health that are bandied about on social media cause many more problems than they solve. She suggests that all too often that this culture problematizes normal life in order to create a problem that the influencer is uniquely suited to solve.

Go Forth and Proselytise

Peter Davidson—Literary Review

This review of the book “Jesuits: A History” focuses on the Jesuits’ missionary efforts. Peter Davidson makes a clear argument that missionary work has historically provided great value. Davidson frames Markus Friedrich’s book in a way that is a direct challenge to those who seek to eliminate or devalue ongoing proselyting efforts.

Jacob’s Dream

Gospel for Kids

The latest video from this official YouTube channel of the Church provides a fun activity for kids that helps frame the story of Jacob’s ladder about the covenant path.