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Do We Still Need Religion

Robin Dunbar – The Guardian

In our increasingly secular age, does religion still have a place? Robin Dunbar argues that a vibrant religious life is essential for society, and plays a foundational role in the arts and sciences.

The Constitutional Roots of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Public Faith

Justin Collings & Hal Boyd – Religion & Politics

Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson’s faith played a prominent role in her recent confirmation hearings. Her answers, which echo the feelings of most Americans, place personal faith and religious freedom as among the highest of our civic virtues.

The Rise of the ‘Umms’

Mike Moore – Christianity Today

COVID-19 reshaped our national religious landscape. Mike Moore turns his focus on a groupindividuals of strong faith who don’t currently have a church—and asks what happens to them next.

Looking for God in Our Everyday Lives

Wallace Goddard – Meridian Magazine

One of the great promises of the Restoration is the accessibility of Heaven. Are we doing enough to look for God’s influence in our lives?

Religious Liberty Tested in Finland

Anders Lundberg – Law & Liberty

Two Finish Christians have been brought up on charges for advocating for a traditional Christian view of marriage. Swedish lawyers, Anders Lundberg looks at how religious liberty is developing in the Nordic nations.