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Religious diversity: Corporate obstacle? Or asset?

Kathryn Post – Religion News Services

Businesses have traditionally tried to keep religion out of the workplace. But as businesses try to recruit exceptional candidates, they’re finding that being open about religious diversity is a positive.

Just Say No: The Four-Letter Word Religion Writers Really Want To Avoid

Bobby Ross Jr. – Religion Unplugged

More coverage of the AP Style Guide’s emphasis to avoid the word cult, and what its impact on religion reporters will be.

‘Uncharted’ is a surprisingly Catholic video game. Why does the movie adaption strip out the faith?

Kevin Christopher Robles – America Magazine

The popular video game series “Uncharted” has a prominent religious through-line. But when the video game was adapted to the big screen, its religious elements went missing. Robles looks at what was lost.

Primary general presidency: Preparing our children for a lifetime of covenant keeping

Primary General Presidency – Church News

The Primary General Presidency announced that one counselor in ward primary presidencies will be responsible for helping prepare children for baptism, the other to prepare children for the temple.

I’m a feminist Mormon. Almost everything you’ve heard about my culture is wrong

Rachel Rueckert – The Independent

The cultural depictions of Latter-day Saints and our world are often limited and frankly inaccurate, and too often we feel obliged to laugh along to be in on the joke. While Rueckert poses some odd ideas (atheist Mormons?), she does a good job of celebrating the diversity of Latter-day Saints.