The Most Reviled Minority in America?

The Most Reviled Minority in America?

It's understandable that many would have questions and concerns with the percentage of people declining the COVID-19 vaccine. But rather than make space for a human exchange about serious fears on both sides, incendiary rhetoric makes such conversation impossible, by insisting the only reason for dissent is selfishness or blatant ignorance.


Bites of the Best Books: January 2021

Each month Public Square writer Sammy Hislop recommends five books to our readers, in the spirit of D&C 88:188 “seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom.” We hope you’ll find these as inspiring as we have. Symposium Plato The excerpt below (given in the voice...

Not Who We Are…Right?

Over the years of this tumultuous presidency, American conservatives – including many religious supporters of the President – have focused attention on accusations of the political left as awful, aggressive, deceptive, etc. When concerns were raised about President...