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Tag: Commitment

American Families of Faith

The Silent Revival: How Today’s Youth Anchor Their Faith

What anchors the spiritual dedication of today’s American youth? Comprehensive research unveils commitments to traditions, God, scriptures, and community leaders as the guiding lights in their spiritual journeys.

Family Matters

When Motherhood Devours

Our approach to motherhood may be devouring our joy along with our children’s potential. The tragedy is that so many women don’t realize there is another way.

Family Matters

Tying a Stronger Knot: Overcoming Contemporary Marital Myths

It’s surprisingly common for newly-weds (and others anticipating marriage) to hear cynical, jaded remarks about the likelihood of future marital happiness. For their sake, it’s time to set the record straight.

Election Aftermath

Balm for America’s Wounds

America has increasingly felt ripped apart at the seams. For the many who have felt this way, Joe Biden’s words this weekend felt reassuring and timely.

Family Matters

A Mindfulness Journey to “Happily Ever After”

Marriage is hard enough in this challenging world. Patterns of reactivity, pressure, and resentment between partners can make it that much harder. But what if we learned to not do that—and to do something else instead?


10 Lessons on the Beauty of Interfaith Harmony

Latter-day Saints see their faith as a receptacle of truth not just a dispenser of it, which explains the ease in finding so much that is “virtuous” and “lovely” in many traditions.

Media & Education

Rock and Religion: The Pursuit of Everlasting Love

Is it possible that humankind’s deepest yearnings for connection, unity, shared meaning, and love are the shared sacred quest of both religion and the best rock?

Gospel Fare

What is an Oath?

As we look to make sense of the news of this last week, it may be wise to look back on a more than 50 year old film that asks what exactly is an oath.

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