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Pope Francis with a crowd, symbolizing the goals of the Pope Francis Synod

Synod of the Times

Do Pope Francis’ reforms imperil Catholic teaching or update its delivery? This examination suggests various interpretations, underscoring tensions between flexibility and tradition that a synod may highlight but only a pontiff can resolve.

Social Justice

How Reimagining Social Justice Could Ease the Culture War

Given such a strong divergence in views over social justice, how could we not fall into the larger culture wars? Because God expects something better from us. A parting aspiration for a peacemaking pathway forward.


Are You a Missionary or a Culture Warrior?

Culture warriors promote combatively, while missionaries promote charitably to help others. Avoid being a culture warrior by prioritizing caring for others.


The Iranian Protests Are More Than What You’re Seeing

It’s hard to know what’s happening in Iran with the internet blackout. Here’s a guide from an Iranian friend keeping close tabs on protest developments, with the help of family and friends in the country.

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