Remembering the Bible

If we write off the Bible as irrelevant, we lose its proposals on meaning, purpose and self-worth. Other widely embraced answers, however, are despairing. 

Remembering the Bible

Living Well with Depression—My Personal Journey

My wife and I thought—hoped—we were going to be the exception, the “escapees.” I say “we” because depression is an individual, marital, and family experience. People I have cared deeply about have succumbed to the ravages of depression on the mind; and their families...

Truth and the Rough Road of Reconciliation

Oliver Cowdery and Joseph Smith, two key leaders in the early days of the Latter-day Saint movement, had a significant disagreement in the summer of 1830. Oliver objected to the requirement in the “Articles and Covenants” (now a part of Latter-day Saint scripture)...