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A parent and child bond over planting a tree, encapsulating quotes on gratitude for family.
American Families of Faith

The Hidden Power of “Thank You”

How does gratitude affect families? It fosters virtues, strengthens faith, and nurtures relationships.

A father and daughter prepare an autumn dinner, showcasing the spiritual benefits of gratitude in family bonds.

Beyond Counting Blessings: Gratitude for 2023

What’s the true impact of gratitude? It’s a pathway to joy, improved well-being, and enriched relationships, proving essential for a fulfilling and balanced life.

Town Celebrating Halloween Artwork | Of Grave Importance: Sacralizing Halloween | Public Square Magazine | Do Mormons Celebrate Halloween | Mormon Celebrate Halloween

Of Grave Importance: Sacralizing Halloween

How do Latter-day Saints view Halloween? By intertwining the playful spirit of the festivity with profound faith traditions, they can foster community, celebrate gratitude, and honor past lineage.


Trying to Christmas Like Jesus

It’s hard for most of us to resist the sheer momentum of America’s consumerist Christmas. But once you’ve witnessed precious families just barely surviving—like Joseph and Mary of old—it’s impossible to celebrate Christmas the same way.

Climate & End Times

Tales of the Texas Blackout

Messages of light emerging from darkness are so common as to be almost cliché. Until you experience it yourself. Like I did in an unusually cold, isolated Texas in February.


The Miracle of Hope in 2020

After years of dealing with depression, at the hardest part of a very hard year, peace has finally come. The only way I can explain it is through God.


Why Gratitude is Absolutely the Right Choice Right Now

The benefits of gratitude is so robust there is nearly nothing you could do to encourage more widespread happiness and relieve more suffering than encouraging the daily recounting of gratitude.

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