Ancestral Lessons in Religious Freedom

As more young people today lose an appreciation for religious freedom, it’s understandable that we point to higher principles. It might also help to direct attention back to our own family’s stories to understand why this is still so important today.

America, Land of Promise and Destiny

To speak of America as exceptional is not to vaunt ourselves as better than other nations or peoples. Rather, it’s to celebrate and give rightful gratitude to founding principles that are inspired in their protection of sacred freedom.

America, Land of Promise and Destiny
American Families of Faith Editorials

Deciding Who to Trust

Today I dropped off my youngest son for an overnight church camp out. I hugged him and drove home anxiously reassuring myself he would be okay while simultaneously praying for Heaven to watch over him. Once at home I fortuitously watched, “Murder Among the Mormons”...

Three Public Takes on the BYU Racial Equity Report

Last week, a new report was released by a BYU Committee on Race, Equity and Belonging (CoREB). Depending on where you get your news, who you follow on social media, and whose podcast you prefer, you likely heard sharply disparate takes on what to make of it. Based on...

A Short History of Social Media Bans

In 2004, something called “The Facebook” was born—seven years after its older siblings that no one remembers anymore—with its creators little aware of their destiny to one day rule the (un)civilized world. Two years later, “Twttr” was founded—and four years later in...